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Our Essence

Our Essence Our Values, Our Life Giving Forces and Our Positive Core Beliefs are the three elements at the core of our existence.

Our Values :

  • Care-fronting : We believe that relationships are at the core of any organization and we take pride in our ability to "carefront" (i.e. confronting with care) which allows us to RELATE deeply and authentically.
  • Co-creation : We believe in partnering with others to collaborate and operate from maintaining dignity of human beings.
  • Trust : We believe that each person is creative, resourceful and has the potential to grow.
  • Valuing differences : We believe that diversity adds to the richness of the fabric.
  • Learning : We are constantly in a quest to learn with a beginner's mind which facilitates exploration in the "here and now".
  • Excellence : We believe that our work speaks more than words.
  • Felt and Seen Impact : We believe that the impact of our work is felt deeply by all stakeholders, which shows up in meaningful and sustainable actionsin the organization.
  • Sustainability : We believe meaningful change in a system is sustained by its own members.

Our Life giving forces :

  • Freedom of Choice
  • Pursuit of Excellence
  • Making a Difference
  • Sense that Everyone matters
  • Intimacy and Love
  • Courage of Conviction
  • Thriving on Chaos

Our Positive Core beliefs :

  • Our values are a living expression of ourselves
  • A world without diversity is colorless and texture less
  • Openness and readiness to be delightfully surprised expands what people are capable of
  • Work without fun and passion is lifeless
  • The spirit of professionalism is excellence
  • Being authentic and loving either at work or in our personal lives is an imperative
  • The essence of life is evolution and change
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