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Public Programs

Public Programs

Personal Learning and Growth is a dearly held and practiced value at Resonate Consulting. We find that most often learning and development initiatives are limited to corporate set-up. However, there are a vast number of people who do not have the luxury of being "nominated" for the so called training programs. There are an equally large number of learners who wish to take charge of their own learning outside the organized L&OD initiatives in organizations. We believe that sharing knowledge and experiences with each other is possibly the best way of learning and growth. We are keen to share our knowledge and experiences to the whole world, to say the least!

Therefore, Resonate Consulting offers its unique programs designed with intent of facilitating men and women, from all walks of life, to discover their power and claim their leadership in no uncertain terms. These programs focus on developing the one's Sense of Self. The programs offer a space which facilitates exploration of one's strengths and abilities.

    Our bouquet of workshops includes the following :

  • Presence Matters
  • Enhancing and amplifying MY Presence – Presence Matters 2
  • Art of Facilitation
  • Appreciative Inquiry Foundation Program
  • Sensuality, Sexuality and Creativity

    Our workshops are conducted using the following frameworks and methodologies :

  • Human Process Facilitation / Process Work
  • Appreciative Inquiry
  • Creative art forms that encourage the participants to compose poetry, draw, paint and express creatively
  • Playback theater
  • Use of relevant simulations and personality questionnaires
The programs are offered on residential and non-residential basis depending on the nature of the lab. The program fees are announced closer to the dates of the program.
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