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Way We Partner

Way We PartnerOur experience suggests that neither human nor organizational life can be defined in simple Newtonian or mechanical terms. We understand the process of facilitating growth as being similar to a gardener managing the growth of a tree. She not only ensures that the growth is not wild, but also provides the appropriate environmental and life conditions to nurture the organic evolutionary processes for the tree.

Resonate Consulting brings with it the unique expertise and capability to facilitate your organization in learning to build sustainable Growth. We seek to understand your business context, the internal context and their inter-play. We see organizations as systems that exist for a purpose in a socio-economic-ecological-technical context. We also see organizations as a complex system with multiple actors and interactions, with its own unique life conditions and life-giving forces. Our workwith organizations coaxes insights that can span the whole spectrum of business and people aspects of change in such a system. Our consequent intervention designs provide flexibility to organizations to tune their change processes and add value where it matters the most.

Resonating with your needs is at the core of anything that we design to facilitate your Growth. We partner with you, constantly discovering ways to create maximum impact from minimal efforts for your organization by;

  • Saying the truth
  • Listening to your needs and values
  • Trusting what emerges in our relationship space with you
  • Asking powerful questions
  • Building an Interdependent relationship

Our World View :

In our work over many years with diverse set of clients across many industries we have observed some patterns and hold some assumptions about organizations, teams and individuals. These observations form the basis of our understanding of what is and what can be.
  • Each person has the potential to learn and grow
  • Top leaders yearn for those who will ask questions as much as those who find answers
  • Each person is capable and everybody has a High Dream of growth
  • Leadership does not lie with a few and must be shared
  • People grow when they have space to take responsibility and have an opportunity to become more aware of their responsibility
  • Leadership behaviors are possible and indeed desired at every level of an organization
  • People take responsibility when they feel free to reveal their passionate core
  • Leadership is neither about control nor about position. Its about being alive and fully present to self and others–every moment
  • People will always surprise you with their courage, ingenuity and commitment–for an engaging challenge
  • Learning to lead "self" is the most significant, tough but most rewarding task any leader undertakes
  • Our World View

    • Organizations are socio-technical systems that require freedom, flexible boundaries and meaningful interactions for the system to thrive
    • If you trust a system, the system grows towards achieving its own potential. Organizations and people have the ability to self organize
    • Systemically everything is connected. Therefore, organizations must learn to recognize their patterns to nurture and break
    • The kind of Conversations that happen in an organization / team determines the outcome-what you believe is what you see
    • Holding Imagination / innovation and process / results together - requires invoking and engaging both sides of the brain
    • Competition and collaboration can co-exist, but it takes courage and consciousness among leaders
    • Organizations tend to polarize to "either / or", however they need to learn the principle of "and".
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