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How We Impact

How We ImpactAppreciative Inquiry says that metaphorically, the organization behaves like a stream whose goal is to get the sea while following the laws of gravity. By knowing its destination and the forces that govern its process, the stream can create innovative ways to move through and beyond any pebble, log or dam that impedes its path. In any human system, if we have a clear vision of "what to be" (our goals) and a democratic as well as inclusive process for working together (agreed upon principles or "laws"), the organization will thrive.

We at Resonate, provide the impetus that propels the organizations in to meet the vast oceans, i.e. to attain its goals and achieve its full potential on a continuous basis. We bring in our strengths to partner with others in order to create a flow that allows them to be agile and innovative, able to adapt to the discontinuous and challenging changes in the world.

We impact the individuals, teams and organizations so that they experience a "free flow" which facilitates continuous and transformational change for growth. To flow is to move or run in an unbroken continuity. The process of "free flow" is about shifting continuously in a unique rhythm, carrying all individual particles that make the whole, thus increasing the ability of the group to take risks and push boundaries to achieve their full potential.

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