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Who We Are

Who We AreResonate Consulting Pvt. Ltd., is a firm of Organization Development (OD) practitioners. We are drawn together by our dreams, to impact and influence organizations, large systems and individuals. We flow from, a common set of values and beliefs, which gives our life vitality.

Our dream is to create Healthy Systems full of vitality, across the universe. So, what is a Healthy System? It is a place, where people are learning and growing. It is a place, where organizations are willing to pause and reflect. It is a place, where we deconstruct systems and processes that do not work. This thrives on flexibility and willingness to change. In healthy systems, the organization and individuals thrive on chaos and ambiguity. It is a place, where its members take risks, "carefront" each other and push boundaries for renewal, thus freeing blocked energy to achieve audacious success.

We, enter an organization, with a beginner's mind. We are open and ready to let go our assumptions and knowledge. We are curious about everything. We inquire into the conditions under which, a system gets its vitality and focus on what makes the system work at its best. We listen and listen deeply to all the voices in the system and facilitate in surfacing these voices within the system. We create conversations and multilogues, within a system, till the system builds its own compelling awareness and reveals its yearnings. The sheer act of inquiry with authenticity, persistence, curiosity and sensitivity unleashes unprecedented potentials and passion. Our expertise lies, in gentle but firm co-creation of new channels of learning, development and growth, with key stakeholders, to support the deeply felt meaning and purpose of the system. We live for those moments of truth or "Aaha" moments-moments of curiosity, gratitude, wonder, determination and achievement during this adventure of purposeful change.

What do we want to create? Why do we do all this? We do this so that we can follow;

Our Dream:

We operate, to change and transform.
We flow like a river with our passion,
Tiding over rocks,
Creating new paths,
Brining life force for others.
To nurture and nourish,
We make choices with fire in our belly.
Together, we glow,
Continuously transforming ourselves.

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