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Partnering Organization

Shankar Maruwada,

 Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer,  Marketics

" Consultants who do things right are commonplace, but Resonate belongs to the rare breed who believe in doing the right things for the client. Marketics hired them for a ambiguous..."

Sandeep Banerjee,

 MD & CEO,  EdenRed (India)

" I have known Sushma for close to ten years now. What I have found invaluable is her intuition on people’s underlying emotions and how that in turn can impact organisations..."

Animesh Parihar,

 Head Global Delivery,  SAP India Pvt. Ltd.

" My experience with Sushma Sharma during the period  2006 to 2011 when I was managing the business for SAP Global  Delivery spread across three areas... "

Gurprriet Siingh,

 SVP - Organization Capability and Innovation,  Welspun Group

" In the last 10 years or so, I have engaged with Sushma several times on various types of OD assignments. All the assignments were for a CXO target audience that included the head of the business..."

Aniruddha Deshmukh,

 ,  Asian Paints

" At Asian Paints, we were looking closely at the area of Employee Engagement. And we considered some of the most popular approaches, but were not satisfied with any one of them... "

Sanjay Mitra,


" Sushma is one of the best OD consultant and facilitator I have come across - an intellectual giant who is a creator, an artist, a poet and yet sternly hawk eyed on business deliverables... "

Tushar Dayal,

 Chairman and Managing Director,  TML Industries Ltd.

" We've  been actively using professional services from Ms Sushma Sharma and Resonate Consulting, for the past about 15 years for leadership development  within the company... "

Partnering Leaders

Vinu Bharma,


" Sonali  is one of the best OD consultant and facilitator I have come across. Her progressive and intuitive strategies make the discussions completely self reflective and truly insightful..."

K A Narayan,

 President HR,  Raymond Ltd.

" I have interacted very closely with Ms Sushma Sharma over the past 2 years.  I had heard a lot about this lady in the past but this is the first time I had an opportunity to let her impact me personally..."

Bijal Agarwal,

 ,  3 Global Sevices

" I have experienced Sanjay Dutt's coaching brilliance for a year as a group coach. I personally admired how he poured his 100% in every session..."

Sachin Jain,

 VP - Leadership Capability,  PepsiCo India

" I have worked with Resonate Consulting and specifically Sanjay Dutt for two years now. As an executive coach he brings with him a deep understanding of business and empathy for the coachee..."

Sanjeev Dali,

 Worldwide Director - Global Information Technology,  Colgate - Palmolive

" Sushma has brought tremendous value to my organization & personally to me. Her services were very helpful during initial set-up and ramping-up years. I was able to bring in far reaching fundamentals..."

Partnering Teams

Prasun Chowdhury,

 Director,  Avenir

" Resonate leadership intervention came at a time when Avenir was going through a turbulence in terms of aligning its senior team to the goal of the organisation and fostering teamwork..."


Jayesh Sampat,


" Sushma is a very charismatic personality. A human process professional and a coach who touches the life of every organization and individual she comes in contact with..."

Gautam Sharma,


" Sushma's traits as an intelligent, skilled ,joyful and inspirational professional make her succeed at motivating ,molding ,mentoring client organizations and executives to live... "

Matt Minahan,

 Member,  NTL Institute

" Sushma and I have worked together in three different roles at NTL Institute, and each one has been a unique experience and a rare pleasure. We have been board members together at NTL... "

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