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Partnering Leaders

We at Resonate believe that sustained change as leaders and leadership within a company fundamentally requires leaders to add to their ways of "Doing" and "Being" in significant manner. We believe thatthere are 3 dimensions required for this growth process. These dimensions are as follows:

Partnering Leaders

  • Process Mastery : Deepening awareness, reflection and designing capabilities for effective interventions:
    • For Self i.e. Personal Mastery (for greater awareness and personal fulfillment)
    • For People i.e. People Mastery (for managing tasks and relationships)
    • Within Systems i.e. Systems Mastery (for strategy and processes).
  • Skills Mastery : Adding / honing skills and tools to multiply efficacy of interventions.
  • Future Mastery : Proactively integrating-within self and organization-ways and means of widening and deepening impact.
Process and Skill Mastery dimensions enable Leaders to have a multiplier effect on the ways of "Doing" i.e. their impact on their goals, their team goals and those of the organization. It also enables their respective teams to recognize and engage their full potential. It enables Leaders to initiate Small Changes (Small-c) in everyday transactions.

Mastering the Future impacts the ways of "Being" not only for their respective circles of influence but by continually expanding their communities of impact and ways of impacting them. This enables Leaders to take charge and initiate Transformative Changes (Big-C) that shape the futures of their teams and the organization and hence their own individual futures as leaders.

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