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Partnering Teams

Partnering TeamsA group of people working together becomes a team when various aspects that make them come together, are working effectively. We believe that Mutual Trust, Shared Leadership and Lived Values are the basis of a high performance team.

We at Resonate believe that :

  • Groups exist and have an ability to self-manage
  • Groups need to inquire into what they know in order to envision what might be
  • Groups need to hold authentic conversations in order that they may learn and grow to achieve their full potential on a continuous basis
  • Groups have a unique rhythm that is based on trust, closeness and collaboration which allows them to flow to take greater risks to reach newer heights
  • Groups constantly re-invent themselves to co-create a new vision for themselve
We partner with teams and groups through our Model of Continuous Growth. We believe that a group develops through its ability to SHOW itself, bring forward everything that they KNOW, GROW through understanding what they know and learning from it and FLOW freely as the group experiences more risk taking. We partner in order to discover and amplify what works within a group / an organization / a large system, building a culture of "Co-creation".

Co Creating

What others are saying about us?

Prasun Chowdhury,

 Director,  Avenir

" Resonate leadership intervention came at a time when Avenir was going through a turbulence in terms of aligning its senior team to the goal of the organisation and foster ... "

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