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Art Of Facilitation

Art Of Facilitation Journey from acquiring facilitation skills to "Being Facilitative".

Preamble :

Facilitation and assessment is a combination of being and doing. It is about Experimenting with Observation, Intuition and Going beyond the words to engage at a deeper level to peel the layers that exist at self, interpersonal and group levels. One can enhance one's effectiveness as a facilitative person through intentional practice of the Core Skills supported by additional skills.
(Ref. Table below).
Core Skills   Additional Skills
Reading the Group Energy Managing Judgments   Brainstorming Holding Silence
Asking Empowering Questions Tracking Content and Processes in the group   Challenging Establishing Accountability
Expressing Vulnerability Articulating–the said and unsaid   Listening Empathically Holding Space
Synthesizing Intuiting   Choosing Curiosity Identifying Group Agenda
Embracing Polarities Creating Trust   Discovering Wisdom Metaphor Making
Acknowledging   Focusing Moving into Action
"Carefronting"   Self Managing Observing
Interrupting   Visioning Reflecting

    The likely outcomes of the program :

  • Practice developmental facilitation
  • Develop facilitator presence-Deepening one's awareness of how am I being and what am I doing that is being facilitative?
  • Learning to manage Conversations / Meetings in real time and in virtual space
  • Discovering preferred Facilitation style and Learning New Facilitation Styles that are effective
  • Learning to manage and facilitate difficult conversations
  • Creating Interventions Intentionally
  • Build awareness of group dynamics especially around the Power and Authority dimensions

Methodology :

Practice is the main-stay of adult learning. Interventions created by Resonate are expected to create deeper impact on learning in the here and now. These interventions open possibilities of experimenting with new ways of facilitating various organizational processes at self, interpersonal and team level. This will equip the organization to stretch itself, take on extraordinary challenges and build the capacity to respond to transformational change on an ongoing basis. We will use appropriate behavioural questionnaires which will be used to provide feedback to the participants. In addition, some simulations will be used to create learning through active experimentation.

Duration :

3 days – Residential / non-residential program.
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