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Presence Matters

Presence Matters Use of Self as an Instrument of Change.

Preamble :

"Show me two men who think exactly alike and I will show you one man I don't need".
- Winston Churchill.

Presence is use of self with intent. It requires the practitioner to be constantly aware of self and others and to selectively use that awareness to advance the work with the client. Over time intent becomes second nature. When it comes to presence, there are no duplicates. Only originals! In this sense presence can be understood as the practitioner DNA, which is a composite of unique qualities. Another way to look at presence is through the lens of time-past, present and future-i.e. in terms of what the individual has done, is doing, and will do. These three elements influence the public's perception of the practitioner and the level of esteem that will be extended. Everyone possesses presence, regardless of the level of awareness of the impact of this presence. The more the practitioner learns about self; whether it is persona or shadow, the more effective the self as an instrument of change.

    The likely outcomes of the program :

    This lab will help in understanding our presence and developing our presence. Explorations will be around.
  • Awareness of self , our attitude, behaviour, appearance and values
  • Being and doing
  • Use of power and its dynamics on communication
  • Trusting Self–vis-à-vis doubts and fears
  • Clarity of Intent and Conciseness in Intervention
  • Creating awareness about, "How do I show up?"

Methodology :

Methodology will be experiential, committing time and energy for active reflection creating possibilities for practicing our presence in the here and now. Participants will be experimenting with new ways of being. Some of the medium used will be poetry, body movement, metaphors and imagery.

Duration :

3 days – Residential program.
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