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Enhancing and Amplifying MY Presence (Presence Matters 2)

Enhancing and Amplifying MY Presence (Presence Matters 2) Use of Self as an Instrument of Change.

Preamble :

"We become what we think about".
- Earl Nightingale.

Presence Matters is the level one of becoming present to one's unique self, claiming it and using it to meaningfully to influence and create impact. This lab takes discovery to next level by deepening the process of self-awareness. This lab offers a unique model of development of an individual, where the participant moves to the next level of knowing oneself and from that knowledge sees oneself growing to flow more freely and effectively. The more the practitioner learns about self; whether it is persona or shadow, the more effective the self as an instrument of change.

    The likely outcomes of the program :

    This lab will help in enhancing and amplifying our presence and developing our presence. Explorations will be around developing a deeper awareness of.
  • Presence in interpersonal space
  • Presence in a group space
  • Exploring our polarities and paradoxes
  • Learning to recognize and use our own power
  • Creating awareness about, "What do I know?" and exploring its impact on "How do I grow?"
  • Discovering one's "Flow"

Methodology :

Methodology will be experiential, committing time and energy for active reflection creating possibilities for practicing our presence in the here and now. Participants will be experimenting with new ways of being. Some of the medium used will be poetry, body movement, metaphors and imagery.

Duration :

2 days – Residential program.
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