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Sensuality, Sexuality And Creativity

Sensuality, Sexuality & Creativity "Essence" tial Discovery / Wings to Fly. A lab on Sensuality, Sexuality and Creativity.

Preamble :

'If you don't learn anything in this life,
then your world next one will be exactly the same...
But, if you learn the way of flying and if you practise well enough,
then you'll get higher on the endless stairs to Heaven,
so this is only one step further'.

- Jonathan Livingstone Seagull.

Flying is seen here as a way of thinking. You have to think of yourself as a creature of total freedom. You have to think you're free from all rules ... in your mind, where it all happens. This lab aims at freeing the genius in us. It will touch the creative genius, awaken a dormant seed. Genius must be free in order to realize her destiny, due recognition and remuneration. Now you can fly at the speed of your mind, unlimited…are you ready?

    The likely outcomes of the program :

    The invitation is;
  • To get in touch with blocks to our sensuality and creativity
  • To move from active to receptive style
  • To become aware of our own sexuality and sensuality
  • To explore relationships creatively and aesthetically
  • To learn to express ourselves more holistically
  • To awaken the dormant genius

Methodology :

The workshop will be structured around experiential learning with simulated exercises and conceptual inputs. The methodology and approach will largely be of T-group. Participants will be experimenting with new ways of being. Some of the medium used will be poetry, body movement, metaphors and imagery.

Duration :

3 days – Residential program.
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