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Jump! - Appreciative Inquiry Foundation Program

Who We Are

About JUMP!

JUMP! is a foundation program in Appreciative Inquiry. It will provide a space to understand the basic philosophy, paradigm and principles of AI as well as provide a grounding in the application of AI in the real world.

It will help the participants get a holistic understanding of the 5D Cycle of the change process which AI uses to lead an organisation in the direction of the most generative and creative.

This program will enable participants to design and hold an Appreciative Inquiry Interview. Touch the life giving forces of individuals / teams / organisations.

We will bring in our own experiences of large scale AI based change in several organizations over last 4 years involving at times as many as 600 - 1200 people in a single room! We will share our own insights and learning on practical ways of creating interventions for systems that you may wish to inspire and change.

The thought behind JUMP! - An Urge to See a Different World

Each one of us hold seeds of bold audacious dreams in ourselves, we question paradigms, see limitless possibilities and want to make the leap into this space of endless creation. We wish to live our dreams, create new dreams and operate from the paradigm of the positive. We envision our lives to be whole, nourishing and full of joy and beauty, and our workplaces to be places of expression and fulfilment. We desire to build a world that is joyful, efficient and expanding. In the world that unfolds around us today, these and many more wishes are finding a voice. We want to co-create the reality which can unfold from these wishes. We have ideas. We have passion. We have resources and support. What we need is to JUMP! To know how to start! Let us Imagine, Inquire and inspire to dream an Audacious Dream for ourselves and each other, let us explore all that we can be and create!

Likely Learning Outcomes

Appreciative Inquiry is a powerful vehicle for creating extraordinary communities and organizations and accelerating positive change. Through collaborative inquiry and a focus on strengths rather than on weaknesses – teams and individuals can unleash the human energy and imagination necessary to spark powerful innovation and radically transform their future.

    The elements of learning will include :

  • Rethinking individual, organization and change
  • Countering deficit-based and fear-based mindsets. Bringing out the best in people and events through Appreciative Inquiry
  • Harnessing the power of positive questions
  • Altering our conversations to ignite deep change
  • Creating macro visions and propositions that provoke change
  • Creating micro propositions to propel and commit communities to impact
  • Influencing a system to accept and commit to change
  • Plan and commit to bringing the future in

Application Impact

Each participant may bring to the workshop one or more projects of positive change in their workplace, community or family that they passionately want to pursue. Teams from organizations and communities working on bringing change in any part of the organization will benefit from team participation.

Participants are likely to experience the impact of AI at multiple levels and it can be applied to achieve;

    Personal Change :

  • Enhance the ability to catalyze and sustain positive change in daily life
  • Learn to use self as an instrument of change
  • Access and begin living your full potential
  • Extraordinary Leadership :

  • Continually learn and grow as a leader
  • Inspire others to follow
  • Unleash potential of others
  • Organization Change :

  • Convert adversities to opportunities
  • Multiply the odds of people-centric interventions
  • Make organization change exciting and sticky

Who Can JUMP?

Any individual who wishes to impact the world around them through positive change! Communities, companies, NGOs, families, citizenry - whatever may be your desired sphere of influence.

People currently leading organizations at senior / top level will discover a whole new way of leading teams and initiatives.

Teams working on specific transformation projects within organizations / communities can accelerate their impact by participating as a team.

About Appreciative Inquiry

"I think Appreciative Inquiry theory would say it loves positive thinking, especially to the extent it prepares us to see and learn in more positive ways (beyond deficit modalities). But appreciation, coupled with the word Inquiry, differs from affirmation in that it is not instrumental. It gives up its Capability of shaping the world closer to pre-existing wants because it tends, in the end, to transform those wants into something very different from that which was originally affirmed. That’s what happened in inquiry. That is what happens when we are learning. We end up somewhere else. It’s an Odyssey, not a journey!"
- David Cooperrider

Appreciative Inquiry (AI) is an experiential methodology of creating transformation through inquiry into “What works” and using that knowledge to design the actualization of the vision.

Why "Appreciative" Inquiry?

Appreciation is creative rather than conservative precisely because it allows itself to be inspired by the voice of mystery where the miracle of life on this planet keeps our questioning authentic, fresh, off-balanced, humble, and unrelenting. As an active process of valuing the factors that give rise to the life enhancing and liberating organization, appreciation has room for vital uncertainty, the indeterminacy, and the edge of chaos moment.

That is the trademark of something alive. Life erupts and overflows common categories. Our most positive thoughts are obsolete, right now. Might we allow ourselves to move increasingly to the centre of the edge, into the ever expanding domain of uncertainty?

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