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Resonate Festival of Learning

Festival of Learning

About Festival of Learning

Resonate Consulting Pvt. Ltd., led by Founder CEO Sushma Sharma, is committed to learning and growth of self and others. This has been the driving thought behind creating a "Festival of Learning (FOL)". Many of you are aware that we have been holding such learning events since 2010.

We sense a growing demand for more from all you "co learners" from diverse fields. The thirst for new learning is waiting to be quenched. All of us at Resonate, believe, that FOL is the perfect container which encourages learning together.

The Event Architecture

The event is planned to include learning opportunities in diverse ways. At FOL, include many aspects of learning creative and cognitive, small group and large group, individual and collective, inward and outward... And any other type of learning process that you may think of! Here is how it usually unfold;

  • The Festival usually runs for 5 days starting Monday to Friday, often in months of November - December
  • The labs / workshops run from 8.30 am to 3.30pm every day. These are facilitated by experts, from across the world, in small groups of min 8 to max 20
  • The Learning cafe Is open to the large community, every day from 4.00pm to 5.30pm. The participants can choose which café to be a part of, in order to amplify their learning experience. These cafes are held by one of the facilitators / experts of the subject in a way that encourages everyone to explore their creative side and experiment with new learning with new behaviors. The Learning Café includes theater activities, a creative studio that offers resources for painting , drawing, creative writing etc.
  • Leadership Cafe This is held on one of the evenings. Resonate invites the CEOs and leaders of various organizations for a gala evening. The evening begins at 6.00pm and offers a couple of hours of interactive space on the festival theme followed by cocktails and dinner

Labs offered in past events

Year Program Title Faculty
2015 Complexity Tools to subdue wicked change DeatLaCour
Game Changing People Strategy in Times of Chaos and Change Gyan Nagpal and Sushma Sharma
Embracing Complexity : Leveraging the Polarities in our Lives Deborah Howard and Tony Bennae Richard
Transformative Narratives: Women Emerging as Leaders for Personal, Social and Organizational Change Yvette Angelique
GESTALT O.D. PRACTICE - How to intervene in a complex system under Gestalt Perspective Joan Gomez and Sushma Sharma
NVC for conflict management Stefan and Sonali
2012 Evolving Spirituality and Personal Growth Ed Olson
Global Team Dynamics Ted Tschudy and Argentine Saunders Craig
Authentic Conversations Tony Bennae Richard and Deb Howard
TraclicheWis - Awareness, Wisdonm and Choice Kate Cowie
Art of facilitating Sushma Sharma and Martha Lasley
Leading in Complex Times David Osborne and Jill Hinson
2011 Be Big Judith Katz and Fredrick A Miller
Creative Approaches to Leadership Deborah Howard and Yvette Hyater - Adams
Dialogue Lab 1 and 2 Andreas Priestland
Global Team Dynamics Ted Tschudy and Sushma Sharma
Polarity Management Ann Canton and Patrick Masterson
The Human Interaction Lab - An international T group Experience Sushma Sharma and Walt Hopkins
TraclicheWis - Awareness, Wisdom and Choice Kate Cowie
Leadership Transition Fred Nader
2010 The Human Interaction Lab - An international T group Experience
Creative Approaches to Leadership
Be Big
NTL Global Lab
Gifts from our Shadow

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